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MASWESТМ Stations: Revolutionizing Power Generation Across Various Fields

In the sphere of renewable energy, MASWESТМ (Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Stations) has become a ground-breaking solution. This cutting-edge power technology harnesses the benefits of both solar and wind energy to produce clean, sustainable electricity. MA...
25 may 2023   details  

Plastic Pollution & Recycling Best Practices

The invention of plastics boosted an innumerable number of innovations that improved the quality of life worldwide. It indeed has helped humanity to succeed in lots of industries. But let's look at the other, much darker side, and we'll see that the invention of plas...
26 april 2023   details  

MASWES Power Plant Overview

Renewable energy is increasingly needed to combat climate change and promote sustainable technological progress. MASWESТМ (Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Station) is one promising technology in this area that is intended to provide reliable and long-lasting ...
29 march 2023   details  

Military Goes Green: Initiative to Lessen Carbon Footprint

Rising energy costs brought on by Moscow's invasion of Ukraine are a problem for all businesses and individuals, not just those in Europe. Because the military also depends on civilian energy networks, supply security and price are crucial requirements. The European ...
12 february 2023   details  

From Earth to Space: Possibilities of Renewable Energy

The need for energy on Earth has never been greater, yet new technology is required for the supply to keep up with the demand. In order to better serve its consumers and to lessen carbon emissions and other environmental concerns, the terrestrial energy industry is b...
24 january 2023   details  

Harvesting solar energy in urban spaces

In some countries, solar panel roof coverings are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is simple - using unnecessary space to house solar panels for generating electric power. Public projects of this kind make it possible to use solar energy and popularize it amon...
03 november 2020   details  

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