Traditional energy sources


Hydroelectric Power: Overview of the Concept

The energy produced by generators operated by turbines that transform the potential energy of falling or fast-flowing water into mechanical energy is widely known as hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power was by far the most frequently used way to generate electric...
13 january 2022   details  

Global power market trends

Technological advancements, regulatory changes, Covid-19, and political pressures have all led to significant changes in the power markets all over the world. However, predicting such changes is difficult. The future of both renewable and fossil fuel energy industrie...
28 september 2021   details  

Mobile power systems: the energy of the future

The issue of delivering “clean” and cost-effective electricity to each individual remains a problem even today, in the era of rapid technological growth. With over a billion people without access to electricity, local power-generation solutions are critical in provid...
14 august 2021   details  

Energy Sector Review: Australia

Australia's economic development and prosperity are highly dependable on a stable supply of clean, safe energy. Australia is well endowed with energy mineral resources. The main consumed resource is coal, while the share of renewable energy today accounts for a bit m...
09 august 2021   details  

Traditional energy sources

The energy crisis is a problem in many countries around the world and the prerogative of several countries. With the largest reserves of energy resources, some countries govern entire continents according to their own rules of the game. But what can happen when thes...
06 september 2020   details  
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