Processing industry and APC


Green Energy as a Revolution in Agriculture

Agriculture is without a doubt essential to the continued survival of humanity. Over the years, technological advancements have raised output and enhanced food quality. The development of agricultural chemicals in recent years has greatly improved food output, suppor...
11 november 2022   details  

Agricultural machinery: transfer from diesel to electricity

Today, automobile companies are making significant advancements in electric propulsion technology development. Volvo stops selling gasoline and diesel vehicles, and pressure is building on other manufacturers as governments across the world set deadlines for cutting ...
04 oсtober 2021   details  


Burning fossil fuels for energy can considerably damage our climate. To mitigate these effects, it is necessary to find new ways to obtain energy. Today, biofuel is the best solution to this problem. Biofuels production has been steadily growing. It increased from mo...
22 september 2021   details  

Improving the efficiency of steam use in the food industry

Thermal energy in the form of steam or hot water, obtained in the process of burning fossil fuels, is one of the most expensive types of energy in the food industry of Ukraine. To increase the efficiency of steam use in the food industry we need to: 1. Have objective...
04 august 2020   details  


Modern hothouse is not always very different from the classic. Its purpose is to protect vegetables, fruits, flowers or other plants from external factors such as heat or frost. In a small farm, a small hothouse is in demand. There is no point in building something b...
03 august 2020   details  

Elecricity consumption accounting. Accounting devises. Ascoe

At the enterprises there is a settlement (or commercial) account of the expense of the electric power on which the enterprise settles with the energy supply organization according to the tariffs approved by the regional energy commission. In addition, enterprises oft...
10 august 2014   details  
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