General Energy Saving Issues


Types of Waste: Recycling Methods and Innovations

Types of Recyclable Materials As our contemporary lifestyles continue to flourish, so does the concerning issue of waste generation. The burden on our planet is growing all the time, from domestic trash to industrial byproducts. Yet the situation is still manageable....
25 july 2023   details  

Green Sweden - Choreographing Waste Management Initiatives

Historical Background of Swedish Waste Recycling Methodology Sweden is indeed known for its efficient waste management initiatives and impressive recycling rates. The country has implemented a series of measures over several decades to tackle waste-related challenges...
17 june 2023   details  

Indonesia: Future Green Leader’s Goals

A group of developed countries has unveiled a multibillion-dollar plan to assist Indonesia in accelerating its switch to renewable energy sources, which could result in a significant decrease in the number of gases that trap heat globally and position Indonesia as a ...
28 december 2022   details  

The Philippines. Green Opportunities and Future Plans

One of the eight nations having a nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement that is compatible with keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius is the Philippines, one of the most climate change-vulnerable nations in the world. The governm...
05 december 2022   details  

Green Energy as a Revolution in Agriculture

Agriculture is without a doubt essential to the continued survival of humanity. Over the years, technological advancements have raised output and enhanced food quality. The development of agricultural chemicals in recent years has greatly improved food output, suppor...
11 november 2022   details  

TOP 10 affordable EVs

To buy or not to buy – that is the question. Nowadays it is essential to buy a car that would follow a few rules: be eco-friendly, because the prices for gas and fuel are going up day in and day out; be enduring bot not to be changed in just a few years; and, of cour...
11 july 2022   details  

Eco Solutions for Europe

Recently one of the biggest informational platforms Bloomberg has released its article called “Yesterday’s Energy Solutions Are Tomorrow’s Energy Problems”. This is an overview of renewable energy sources that could save the world from rising energy bills after such ...
11 april 2022   details  

Agricultural machinery: transfer from diesel to electricity

Today, automobile companies are making significant advancements in electric propulsion technology development. Volvo stops selling gasoline and diesel vehicles, and pressure is building on other manufacturers as governments across the world set deadlines for cutting ...
04 oсtober 2021   details  

Review of energy saving information

On the Internet, there is information about the following current areas of energy conservation and energy efficiency.  1. INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY OF THE ENERGY SOURCE • Superstructure of existing power units with gas turbines; • utilization of flue gas heat; • dev...
06 september 2020   details  
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