PATRIOT-NRG is a Slovak-Ukrainian group of companies thriving to develop ecologically friendly renewable recourses and grow the awareness of the population about the importance of caring for the environment. Our new innovative product a Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Station (MASWES) is the most economically efficient power station on the market, whose prototype is expected in 2022. As members of the PATRIOT-NRG team, we put our hearts and minds to a MASWES project with a desire for more powerful, affordable, and reliable energy. In the future, we see our company as one of the lead influencers in the growth of clean evolution.

The essence of the activity of the energy service company "PATRIOT-NRG" is to assist enterprises in the development and implementation of energy saving measures. The general scheme of the company's work is given below:

Assistance in the development and implementation of energy saving measures begins with the conduct of an express energy audit at the enterprise, which allows to assess the potential for energy saving and identify the most promising areas for energy efficiency. It is conducted through a visual inspection of the energy sector, during which information is collected to determine the need for an in-depth energy audit. Based on the results of the work, the customer is provided with a report containing conclusions on the efficiency of energy consumption at the facility and, if necessary, a commercial proposal for a more detailed analysis. The duration of the rapid energy audit from the beginning of the visual inspection to the submission of the report - 7 - 15 days, depending on the complexity of the object of energy diagnostics.

In the future, an in-depth or preliminary energy audit may be conducted. As a result of the preliminary energy audit, the customer is provided with a map of the distribution of energy flows between consumers, taking into account energy losses, the customer is offered with standard measures to improve energy efficiency. The economic effect of the implementation of these measures is determined.

At some facilities, it may be appropriate to introduce a special position of energy manager in the staffing schedule. In this case, a comprehensive energy audit is required. A comprehensive energy audit at the enterprise is most often carried out in order to create an automated workplace of the energy manager. In this case, energy consumption and energy loss are estimated in each technological process, diagnostic models of energy consumption of the enterprise are built, variable factors such as weather, fuel quality, etc. are taken into account in modeling.

A wide arsenal of energy saving tools and methods is used to increase energy efficiency. From modernization of equipment and safety of its maintenance and operation, to the use of alternative energy sources and alternative technological processes.

In the future, the company participates in finding sources of funding for energy saving measures and in the implementation of the measures themselves.

The main assets of our company are qualified engineers, financial experts, lawyers, economists, specialists in relations with government agencies, designers, builders, service managers.

Back in 2010, the company received a certificate of the right to conduct an energy audit and a certificate from the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine to enter the state register of publishers, manufacturers and distributors of publishing products..


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