Chemical industry


Plastic Pollution & Recycling Best Practices

The invention of plastics boosted an innumerable number of innovations that improved the quality of life worldwide. It indeed has helped humanity to succeed in lots of industries. But let's look at the other, much darker side, and we'll see that the invention of plas...
26 april 2023   details  

Chemistry and sustainability

Chemistry has provided answers to some of the world's most difficult sustainability issues for decades. Many of the products, procedures, and technology that we take for granted today, such as clean water to drink, pasteurization, and vaccinations, originated as chem...
08 oсtober 2021   details  

Energy saving in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Electricity in ventilation systems is spent on the operation of supply and exhaust fans, and circulating pumps of heat utilization systems for ventilation emissions. Rational use of energy-saving solutions will significantly reduce the energy consumption of ventilati...
04 august 2020   details  

Important aspects of the air ventilation system

All living beings need clean air, because their quality and life expectancy depend on it. Ventilation of air masses is carried out in order to purify the air with special equipment and devices. Their separate and no less important task is air conditioning and ensurin...
03 august 2020   details  
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