Unconventional energy sources


Eco Solutions for Europe

Recently one of the biggest informational platforms Bloomberg has released its article called “Yesterday’s Energy Solutions Are Tomorrow’s Energy Problems”. This is an overview of renewable energy sources that could save the world from rising energy bills after such ...
11 april 2022   details  

Chemistry and sustainability

Chemistry has provided answers to some of the world's most difficult sustainability issues for decades. Many of the products, procedures, and technology that we take for granted today, such as clean water to drink, pasteurization, and vaccinations, originated as chem...
08 oсtober 2021   details  

Energy of vortex motion of a liquid and possibilities of its practical use

Currently, the world is actively searching for new alternative energy sources that do not harm the environment. In the process of this search, two main directions of obtaining such energy were formed. The founder of the first direction is M. Tesla, with his idea of ​...
21 august 2020   details  
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