Green Sweden - Choreographing Waste Management Initiatives

Historical Background of Swedish Waste Recycling Methodology Sweden is indeed known for its efficient waste management initiatives and impressive recycling rates. The country has implemented a series of measures over several decades to tackle waste-related challenges...
17 june 2023   details  

Plastic Pollution & Recycling Best Practices

The invention of plastics boosted an innumerable number of innovations that improved the quality of life worldwide. It indeed has helped humanity to succeed in lots of industries. But let's look at the other, much darker side, and we'll see that the invention of plas...
26 april 2023   details  

Indonesia: Future Green Leader’s Goals

A group of developed countries has unveiled a multibillion-dollar plan to assist Indonesia in accelerating its switch to renewable energy sources, which could result in a significant decrease in the number of gases that trap heat globally and position Indonesia as a ...
28 december 2022   details  

The Philippines. Green Opportunities and Future Plans

One of the eight nations having a nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement that is compatible with keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius is the Philippines, one of the most climate change-vulnerable nations in the world. The governm...
05 december 2022   details  

Greece – Record-Breaking Country with Huge Prospects

Following the war in Ukraine, European countries are attempting to lessen their reliance on Moscow gas. Greece is in a better position than many other countries thanks to its milder temperature, shorter winters, and many projects that have already been established as...
18 oсtober 2022   details  

Brazil: Way to Become One of the Sustainable Leaders

For Brazilians, renewable energy is nothing new. Most of the electricity utilized in the nation is produced by water. Additionally, sugarcane alcohol fuels more than half of the nation's automobile fleet. However, wind and solar energy are a recent addition to Brazil...
22 august 2022   details  

Future Energy Trends: Bottlenecks and Predictions

The COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain disruptions, several extreme weather occurrences, and a worldwide energy supply crisis typified by rising fuel and power costs continued to exert pressure on the world economy in 2021, although it began to recover. As 2022 g...
27 july 2022   details  

Say Goodbye to Gas: Overview of Electric Vehicles Trends

Electric machines are crucial components of electric vehicle drive systems. The bulk of traction drive systems have evolved in recent years toward having some sort of permanent magnet system. There is a growing trend toward improving the energy capacity and efficienc...
30 december 2021   details  

Plastics. Problems and possible solutions

Plastic pollution intensifies as worldwide production and consumption of plastics rise. Plastic is particularly problematic since it is non-biodegradable and hence lasts far longer than other types of trash. Plastic waste pollutes the soil, groundwater, seas, and oce...
23 august 2021   details  

Problems of waste recycling in Ukraine

Today, the most complicated threat to the environment is the problem with waste. Human activities generate trash, and how these pollutants are handled, collected, and disposed of can pose environmental and public health problems. Proper and safe solid waste managemen...
15 april 2021   details  
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