MASWESТМ Stations: Revolutionizing Power Generation Across Various Fields

In the sphere of renewable energy, MASWESТМ (Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Stations) has become a ground-breaking solution. This cutting-edge power technology harnesses the benefits of both solar and wind energy to produce clean, sustainable electricity. MA...
25 may 2023   details  

MASWES Power Plant Overview

Renewable energy is increasingly needed to combat climate change and promote sustainable technological progress. MASWESТМ (Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Station) is one promising technology in this area that is intended to provide reliable and long-lasting ...
29 march 2023   details  

Future of Electric Cars: Charging Problems and Solutions

After a decade of strong expansion, the worldwide electric car stock reached ten million units in 2020, a 43 percent increase over 2019 and 1% of the total fleet. In 2020, two-thirds of new electric car registrations and two-thirds of the stock were battery electric ...
11 may 2022   details  

Mobile power systems: the energy of the future

The issue of delivering “clean” and cost-effective electricity to each individual remains a problem even today, in the era of rapid technological growth. With over a billion people without access to electricity, local power-generation solutions are critical in provid...
14 august 2021   details  

Development of modular energy sources

Block power plants and boiler houses, mounted on the basis of household trailers or containers, have long been known, the advantages of which in comparison with conventional power plants and CHPs are ease of deployment and operation. Such power plants are used as the...
21 august 2020   details  
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