Wind power


MASWESТМ Stations: Revolutionizing Power Generation Across Various Fields

In the sphere of renewable energy, MASWESТМ (Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Stations) has become a ground-breaking solution. This cutting-edge power technology harnesses the benefits of both solar and wind energy to produce clean, sustainable electricity. MA...
25 may 2023   details  

California Is Taking a Lead in Offshore Winds

California broke a record in May 2022 on a beautiful, calm day with no interference. The state, using only the power of renewable energy, briefly exceeded its enormous consumer electricity needs. Despite the enormous progress the state has made investing in renewable...
28 august 2022   details  

Brazil: Way to Become One of the Sustainable Leaders

For Brazilians, renewable energy is nothing new. Most of the electricity utilized in the nation is produced by water. Additionally, sugarcane alcohol fuels more than half of the nation's automobile fleet. However, wind and solar energy are a recent addition to Brazil...
22 august 2022   details  

Wind Power in Germany

Onshore wind power has become one of Germany's most important power sources as part of the country's shift to low-carbon energy generation. For many years, Germany has led Europe in the installation of onshore wind power capacity, is by far the largest market in the ...
26 january 2022   details  


*/     V. Budko, candidate of technical science, assistant professor, S. Kudria, corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine, doctor of technical science, professor, S. Voitkо, doctor of economic sciences, professor, O. Тrofymenko1, candidate of economic sciences, as...
29 oсtober 2020   details  

Energy of vortex motion of a liquid and possibilities of its practical use

Currently, the world is actively searching for new alternative energy sources that do not harm the environment. In the process of this search, two main directions of obtaining such energy were formed. The founder of the first direction is M. Tesla, with his idea of ​...
21 august 2020   details  

Wind power. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the noise level of wind power plants? Wind power plants cause two types of noise: mechanical noise resulting from the operation of mechanical and electrical components (virtually absent for modern wind plants, but significant in older wind plants); aerodynami...
04 august 2020   details  

Wind turbines as an efficient way to generate electricity

Today, wind turbines account for an increasing share of total electricity production. Renewable wind turbines are forming a new sector of the economy that is developing rapidly, and turbines of this type are being installed in various countries around the world. Amon...
03 august 2020   details  
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