Plastics. Problems and possible solutions

Plastic pollution intensifies as worldwide production and consumption of plastics rise. Plastic is particularly problematic since it is non-biodegradable and hence lasts far longer than other types of trash. Plastic waste pollutes the soil, groundwater, seas, and oce...
23 august 2021   details  

Shaping our future: Handy gadgets that use green energy

The path of sustainability is not an easy one and it is difficult to form new habits in society. It is critical to consider the environmental impact of our daily activities. There is a wide range of ecologically friendly items on the market that can assist people in ...
12 june 2021   details  

Problems of waste recycling in Ukraine

Today, the most complicated threat to the environment is the problem with waste. Human activities generate trash, and how these pollutants are handled, collected, and disposed of can pose environmental and public health problems. Proper and safe solid waste managemen...
15 april 2021   details  

Air pollution challenges: new gadgets and clothing

  As a global campaign to fight air pollution gains traction, scientists are rising to the occasion, introducing goods and technologies that eliminate some of the harmful pollutants that damage our lungs and hastening climate change. According to the World Health Org...
17 january 2021   details  

Combustion of fossil fuels: features

Fossil fuels include fossil coal, oil, peat, natural gas, gasoline, coke, and so on. Special combustion devices are used to burn fossil fuels. Among them there are the following furnace units: with a fixed layer - the fuel lies freely on the grate and is blown from b...
03 august 2020   details  
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