Efficient power supply

Centralized energy supply system in Ukraine. Power supply systems perform two main functions: carry out parallel operation of power sources and distribute electricity among consumers. They consist of power plants, distribution substations, electrical networks and con...
04 august 2020   details  

Wind power. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the noise level of wind power plants? Wind power plants cause two types of noise: mechanical noise resulting from the operation of mechanical and electrical components (virtually absent for modern wind plants, but significant in older wind plants); aerodynami...
04 august 2020   details  

Energy cost monitoring

How to choose an electricity meter Today, in the age of electric cars, electric charging points and other innovations, choosing the right home energy monitor is quite difficult, especially for a beginner in this matter. Not everyone knows that you first need to deter...
03 august 2020   details  

Power plants in modern power supply networks

The modern world is impossible to imagine without a sufficient amount and appropriate distribution of electricity. The basic unit in the system of its production is a power plant that supplies electricity to industrial and domestic consumers. The main role in the dis...
03 august 2020   details  
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